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2 - 3 novembre


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25 CHF p.p. et cours

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10. Maestros Internationaux

Week-end de stages: Elisabetta Iorio et Diego Braude au Fleuve

En collaboration entre Tango Queer Genève et Le Fleuve Tango Renens, nous invitons les danseurs et danseuses de la Suisse Romande à trois stages pendant le week-end de 2/3 novembre, au Fleuve Renens.

Programme samedi:
13h30-15h: “Musicality and playfulness”
15h-16h30: “Syncopated movements”
(Pour samedi soir, considerez aussi La Milonga Mirada chez KDanse Ecublens le samedi soir à partir de 19h !)

Programme Dimanche:
12h30-14h: “”What’s in a step? Change of energy and intention in linear and circular sequences”
Suivi par La Milonga Shimdy à partir de 14h30, au Fleuve Renens

Cours en anglais avec traduction si souhaitée.

CHF 25 par personne et stage.

Sur les profs invités:

Diego was a journalist, photographer and documentary filmmaker before becoming a dancer, DJ and organizer in BsAs. His mentors have been Bruno Tombari & Rocío Lequio, Pablo Rodríguez & Corina Herrera, Cecilia García & Serkan Gokcesu, and Gastón Torelli. He has performed and DJ’d at some of the trendiest milongas of Buenos Aires (El Batacazo, Muy Lunes, La Maria Rolera, El Motivo, Milonga Solidaria or Gallo Rojo, …) and has been teaching, DJing and performing in Europe mainly in Greece, Italy and Switzerland. This current 2019 tour he started with Eva Laura Madar in Israel, continuing to Crete with Sofia Galanaki (dancer and organizer of A los amigos Tango Festival), and now exclusively in Suisse Romande with Elisabetta. Diego’s approach to tango is dance as a dialogue and the result of a neverending process of personal search where mistakes are not something to avoid but part of the path

Elisabetta is from Brescia, Italy, to where she recently returned after 4 years living in Argentina. She currently teaches with the Escuela de Tango in Brescia. In Buenos Aires she tought with different dancers and worked as assistant at Dana Frigoli’s DNI school. Having studied the violin for many years, she began complementing her passion for Tango as a dance with a profound interest for Tango music. Surrounded by the best experts (Horacio Godoy, Ignacio Varchausky, and more), Elisabetta set out into a deep study of history, evolution, and stylistic choices of the orquestras and analogies and differences between them. Since returning to Italy, Elisabetta has DJ’d locally and at European festivals and marathons, slowly becoming one of the most sought after new DJs in her country.

Together, Diego and Elisabetta have danced both in Buenos Aires as well as in Italy. Both try to stay a little bit crazy, because that’s the fun part.